Answer the CALL TO ARMS!
All FC Dallas fans are welcome to come and chant with us!
Come and go as you please.

We don't believe in membership requirements
to support our Club.
We do ask of those choosing to wear our branding,
to participate in song, choreography and waiving of flags.

Don't know the lyrics?
Click here for our chant list
Don't know Spanish?
You're not alone, some of our chants only include
a handful of Spanish words + harmonic choral singing.
Tap one of us if you need a little help with enunciation.

MLS code of conduct
As a supporters group,
we live to support FC DALLAS on match day.
While we do tend to get a little wild,
we ask that you adhere to
the MLS code of conduct while wearing our branding.
We can't support our club if we are in time out.

Want to know more?
Reach out to us in one of the social media platforms below.